26th December 2012

Ed and I are in Eritrea walking across a desert of dark orange dunes.  We come to a lake of crystal blue water.  We swim, though we are scared of the poison jellyfish that live there.  Also there is a creature we have read about that lives at the bottom of the lake where the water is dark called a Clapper.  The Clapper is deadly to humans, but even worse, it lets off a wailing sound that ‘makes a baby crying sound like a walk in the park’ so we are careful to keep our movements gentle so that we don’t disturb it.  When we swim back to the shore it is sunset and the water is crystalline and beautiful in the light.  I am scared to put my feet on the bottom of the lake in case I step on the Clapper but Ed has been shown how to make my shoes safe by pouring the gravel out of them.