23rd April 2013

I go to see Bush’s play with Miranda.  The curtains open and there is a huge globe, a miniature planet earth on the stage.   It has a palpable connection to earth, as if we are watching the real earth turning on the stage.  As it turns we can see the shadow of night moving across the surface, then day.  As day and night fall over the earth, the theatre becomes bright, then dark as if we are really on that earth on the stage.  Miranda gets up and goes to the side of the stage where there is a kitchen.  There is a rat on the sideboard and she picks it up and puts it inside a clear plastic container with a piece of chocolate cake.  The rat goes into a frenzy inside the container and I realise it is going to escape.  It bursts out of the box and looks around and sees me.  It comes straight for me like a bull.  It is as big as a bull.  It corners me and is going to bite me.  I eat some sweets designed by Beckett on the subject of love.  There are sweets shaped like lips, sweets that say ‘just good friends’ others that say ‘in the pit of your stomach’, and one shaped like a fish, which is delicious.  I think how profound and witty they are.