14th May 2016

I am walking around a fairground and I find a game where the player has to stick their hand through a hole in a tent and feel around on the table for an object, which they can keep if they get it back out again.  I remember that there was a report on the news about this game being such a good money-spinner because people tend to be indecisive and panic when their hand is in there.  I watch a man take off his watch and rings and put his hand in.  I can see the objects on the table and I mutter ‘Jaffa Cakes’ under my breath.  He dutifully picks up the packet for me and gives me one.  I realise I am very hungry and go to find some food.  Everything strikes me as being grubby.  I find one stall that sells pies – they have empty pie cases on display and you can choose whatever filling you like.  They are cooking a giant mushroom slice directly on the gas hob, not in a pan and I decide this looks horrible.  I go into a mall and find a fancy coffee stand and order a peppermint tea and a scone and a creamy cake that comes on a soft pastry base.  I am about to leave the base behind until I realise it is edible too, so I pick it up but I can’t really carry everything.