15th April 2015

I live in a house full of sea creatures.  This is my home since childhood.  There are shellfish and anemones that live in the corners of the ceiling and molluscs along the cracks and joins of the walls, and in the shower there are jellyfish whose tentacles hang down and get entangled in my hair when I shower.  But I do not mind.  I am used to them and even though I knew it is strange, I really love them being there.  But one day I have to go round and put them to death because we are moving house.  I go through the house saying, ‘Kill the jellyfish,’ and ‘Kill the molluscs.’  My parents are getting married and we go outside to get in the car and wait for the digital map to load.  When it comes up on the screen, the roads are red and look like veins pumping blood.  I see my beloved Mr Frog outside the car dancing around in his tail coat and cane and I say goodbye.  We go to the place of the wedding on the banks of a big river where there are two sets of people locked in a mind war.  One girl bends down and dips her fingers into a finger bowl with a lemon slice and the commentator, who is clever, says, ‘Why did she do that?  Something is going to happen.’  Suddenly the girl upturns a giant clamshell onto the head of her opponent and immobilises him.  I think that it is an anticlimax.  The girl runs away leaving her opponent on the riverbank to the crocodiles.