30th December 2011

David Bowie is giving a concert.  I am in the audience, high in the huge auditorium.  The stage is designed like a chessboard with black and white squares.  A young woman comes onto the stage with a white horse chess piece on her head and sings a duet with him.  At first I think the concert is amazing and the duet is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.  Then I realise Bowie is a pervert.  Each time he dances with her and bends her backwards towards the audience, he is using it as an opportunity to look at her knickers.  The show finishes with him lying on top of her in a bedsit and bursting into tears.  I realise it is not just part of the show, but it is real and he is crying because he thinks the concert was a disaster.  I go to try to get a council flat in a little housing office because I am a writer.  Lucy comes sprinting out of the distance, out of breath because she is running away from something frightening that is trying to get her.  She tells me that she hopes the mouths are following her and are coming soon.  She is running on the surface of a shallow, silvery lake.  Suddenly, behind her a cloud of hundreds of red mouths come flying above the water, chasing her, like a swarm of insects.  When the mouths meet the flamingos that are blocking Lucy’s way, each mouth opens wide and swallows the head of a flamingo like a gramophone funnel.  The flamingos can’t see, or move, so Lucy gets away.