4th October 2012

I am standing on the moon looking out into space.  A group of us live there in a community.  I can see the planets and stars clearly.  I go over to the edge of the moon, like a cliff, and look over.  I see Jupiter passing, very close by, a huge, swirling red ball.  But to my surprise, I discover that Jupiter is being carried by a man all painted in red, like one of those living statues, on his shoulders.  I get out my camera to take a picture but I can’t twist the dial of the camera to the auto setting.  As I am trying to do this, I lose my concentration and fall over the edge of the moon.  Luckily there is no gravity so it is easy to hold onto the ledge with one hand.  I shout for someone to come and rescue me.  As I wait, Saturn comes past, carried like a pale yellow beach ball by a man dressed in yellow who holds it to his chest.  After Saturn, more men come, carrying the small planets that are closest to the sun.  Mercury is the slowest.  It is a spectacle like nothing I have seen in my life and I watch in awe at this ballet of planets.  I realise there are a lot more planets than we knew about.