17th July 2012

A man’s voice, authoritative, like in a nature programme, explains that the Atlantic Shelf in the North Atlantic Sea is the perfect place for prawns to live, but for some reason some people don’t like the fact that they come from there.  A blonde female television presenter, it could be Fearne Cotton or Denise van Outen is underwater, standing on the edge of the gently sloping shelf, wearing a wetsuit and diving tank.  The water is thick and blue.  If she took one step to the side she would fall off the shelf into a dark abyss.  As the television camera comes closer towards her we see that behind her there are these huge pink prawns hanging above the shelf in vast beds that stretched as far as the eye could see.  The prawns are as big as she is and really ominous and creepy, inert, like they are already dead.  They are being farmed in this very sinister way for some terrible purpose.  The presenter has to go into the beds of prawns to show the viewer.  She is reluctant.  As she walks in between the hanging prawns she keeps getting tangled in the long antennae and other bits that are coming off them.  She shields her face with her hands, getting more and more panicked.