22nd April 2014

Alecka has turned into a tree, a small beech sapling in a pot.  Rosie and I are carrying her between us around the woods looking for a place to plant her.  It is very urgent that we find a place for her soon, because there are some bad people looking for her.  But nowhere we find is suitable, it is too dark and there are too many tall pine trees.  The woods are eerie.  Alecka is frightened about being a tree and being left alone in the woods, she is nearly crying and we reassure her that it will be ok.  Eventually we find a space in a clearing with some other beech trees and we plant her in the middle.  We need to be able to find her again because soon she will look like all the other trees, so I take out a machine from my rucksack, like two black bricks.  I bang them together over the top of Alecka and then slide them against each other until they make a noise that generates a grid reference.