21st February 2012

I am on a train going across the Australian outback holding onto the outside of one of the carriages.  I look down and I realise the ground is moving, swarming with millions of kangaroos.  On the horizon I see a raging wildfire and I realise they are fleeing the flames.  I am on a call to rescue a lion who has learnt how to use the telephone and called a new helpline specifically for animals with problems.  The lion had telephoned because he couldn’t open a packet of biscuits.  When I arrive he is in a small kitchenette wearing an apron.  He tells me he is trying to make canapés.  I show him how to take the biscuit and scrunch the brown bit in the middle and twist the edge around it so that it becomes a daffodil.  I make one and pass it to him and he eats it gingerly, nibbling at the edges.